About us

Fundación Proyecto Primates is a non-profit organization that promotes the research and conservation of biodiversity, focusing on threatened primate species. Our goal is to protect biodiversity through research, education, empowering communities and stakeholders, and building capacity.


Fundación Proyecto Pimates' mission is to protect key ecosystems to prevent the extinction of primates and other animal and plant species through research, targeted conservation actions, and environmental education.



Promote and undertake conservation actions for ecosystems and biodiversity.


Conduct studies and research on primates and other species.


Divulgar la importancia de los primates y su entorno y desarrollar programas educativos en todos los niveles educativos


Foster national and international agreements for the protection of fauna and flora.


Promover políticas de conservación de primates y sus hábitats.​


Promote the establishment of natural reserve areas and recognition of incentives for conservation.

Laura Gómez

Social Specialist

Juan Sebastián Rojas

Project manager

Ana María Sánchez

Specialist in inclusive education

Felipe Uribe

Field Assistant

Nicole Dayanna Sánchez Orjuela

Administrative Assistant

Natalia Hernández Garcés

Communications and Fundraising

Ronald Mejía

Field Assistant

Arnulfo Montoya

Field Assistant

Andrés Montes

Researcher and restoration specialist

Nilsa Fierro

Internal Auditor

Viviana Toro


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