In December 2005, we started our reserach project on the Brown Spider Monkey behavioral ecology in collaboration with other institutions. Brown spider monkeys are one of the 25 most endagered primates in the world. Our research has focused on the study of several aspects of the primate community ecology , social behavior and population structured. An important aspect of the research has to understand the effects of deforestation on the ecological and behavioral strategies of the Brown Spider Monkeys.This data is key for developing a conservation plan of the Brown Spider Monkeys.

Besides the scientific research, Proyecto Primatesaims to involve young researchers from all over the country and train them in the field conservation biology. More over we are working with the local community to achieve the conservation of the Brown Spider Monkey and other endagered species and the habitats they live in. We are joining forces with local non for profit environmental organizations and international entities towards the conservation of this primates in Colombia.