Proyecto Primates was created by Dr. Anthony Di Fiore and Dr. Kristin Phillips in 1994 to promote primate research and conservation in Ecuador. In 2003 Dr. Di Fiore joined forces with two Colombian researchers, Andrés Link and A. Gabriela de Luna, to expand their research and conservation efforts to Colombia.

Our Projects have been possible thanks to the support of several institutions, the continuous collaboration with other reseachers and organizations and the participation of numerous assistants, students and volunteers.
Andres Montes
Natalia Alvis
Anthony Difiore
Gabriela de Luna
Andrés Link
P.I. & Founders
Roberto Galindo - Revisor Fiscal
Nilsa Ferro - Contador
Arnulfo Montoya
Fabian Castillo
Andrés Cortés
Proyecto Primates Team
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